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Pearl Stud Pack


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During your swim, two golden fish are enraptured by your pearly earrings. They swim circles around them, and you gain two new friends to follow you on your undersea adventure. 

Along the shores, there are many treasures to find, from golden seashells and starfish to shining iridescent pearls.

Minimalist and dainty, this stud pack is crafted from sterling silver .925 plated in 14K yellow gold and make a lovely accessory for your underwater adventure!

This is plated jewelry and with proper care, it may need to be replated after 1-2 years. This order will take 1 - 2+ weeks to process + shipping time. 

Shipping Returns & Care
  • This order will ship in approx. 1-2 weeks for in-stock items.
  • Please note that with proper care, plated jewelry may need to be replated every 1-2 years.

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