Each piece in the BISOULOVELY Initials collection is artfully crafted to reflect the ethereal magic found in everyday life. Every letter of the alphabet is represented and decorated with pastel-colored stones and golden shapes. 

      A scattering of synthetic transparent and semi-transparent stones like cubic zirconia creates an enchanting representation of all things shining and celestial. Stars, hearts, and other cut stones cover every bit of the letter pendant in shades of light blue and white to light pink and lavender. 

      These sweet little stones are accented with delicate gold-plated flowers. The gemstone colors of a pastel sunrise pair lovely with the gold-plated base of the pendant. 

      The Initial pendant comes with a 16” link chain and a 2” extender. With this, your monogram necklace will sit right by your heart all day.

      Shimmering From A to Z

      With three kinds of plated gold to choose from, you will definitely find a personalized letter necklace that will perfectly match your style. Yellow gold, rose gold, and rhodium coat durable sterling silver .925 for a sparkling, shimmering delight.

      Yellow Gold

      Yellow gold necklaces have a similar appearance to a solid gold necklace. For a classic and elegant aesthetic, durable yellow gold plated atop sterling silver will cement your status as That Girl.

      Rose Gold

      BISOULOVELY’s rose gold is similarly plated on sterling silver, but it has a much different appearance. Just as the name suggests, rose gold imparts a soft rosy color to your jewelry base, thanks to a combination of pure gold and copper. Rose gold plated jewelry is stunning on all skin tones, and it is a darling option for a metal.


      Rhodium coats sterling silver to make it appear even whiter and brighter, similar to the appearance of white gold. This material also makes the jewelry much more durable than if it was just the sterling silver alone. Rhodium gives any jewelry a cool-toned look, and it pairs so beautifully with the light pastel stones of this initial jewelry and other minimalist layering pices.

      How Can I Style an Initial Necklace? 

      Each initial in BISOULOVELY’s collection is stunningly decorated with a selection of different shaped stones and designs. There are a number of ways to wear your initial chain necklace wherever you roam: 

      • Give your best friend their own first initial on a necklace to show your love! Notice the style of jewelry they tend to wear. Do they typically go for a silver look? Gold? Rose gold? Take inspiration from their current style, and they are sure to love whatever you choose.
      • Wear your own initials! Choose either the first letter of your first, last, or even middle name for your charm necklace.
      • Wear the initials of someone you love! A significant other? A family member? A bestie? As Taylor Swift once sang, you can wear their initials on a chain around your neck to show how well they know your heart.

      How Can I Take Care of My Plated Jewelry?

      When it comes to cleaning your BISOULOVELY Initial necklace, you are going to need the right materials. Each piece in the collection is sterling silver plated with yellow gold, rose gold, or rhodium. These are relatively soft materials, so they often need nothing more than a gentle shine to keep their glow.

      Remember to not scrub your plated jewelry. Even hand towels or sponges can be too abrasive, but you can always try these delicate options instead:

      • Microfiber towels
      • Cotton balls or cotton swabs
      • Soft jewelry cloth

      Carefully use one of these materials to wipe away fingerprints or smudges. Though a jewelry cloth is recommended for cleaning plated jewelry, be sure to steer clear of any jewelry cleaning solutions or other cleaning chemicals. They will likely be much too harsh for dainty pieces like these, no matter how long-lasting they may be.

      If your initial charm requires more than a simple dry shine, you can reach for the dish soap. Surprisingly, dish soap is gentle enough to keep your jewelry sparkling. You can also use warm water for a simple solution.

      Remember to avoid using antibacterial soap when cleaning your initial pendant necklace, which can cause plated jewelry to quickly lose its shine. Much like harsh chemicals, antibacterial soap can quickly wear and tarnish your pieces. 

      Your jewelry is special to you, so we want them to stay glimmering for as long as possible. Here are some additional steps you can take to keep your jewelry looking pristine:

      • Keep plated jewelry separate from other pieces when storing them. This will help prevent any scratches.
      • Don’t wear your plated necklace while swimming or taking a shower, and try to keep it as dry as possible.
      • Put on your necklace after applying any perfume, makeup, or other beauty products that may contain those pesky chemicals. Even chemicals that are safe for our skin may dull our favorite gems.

      A Gift for Friend? Or for Yourself? 

      The BISOULOVELY Initials collection is the perfect birthday gift for a loved one or to keep for yourself! After you select the letter you want, you have the option to include a special BISOULOVELY necklace box. You can even add a BISOULOVELY branded gift bag to complete your package, especially if it is a gift.

      Every ethereal light pink necklace box is labeled with a vintage BISOULOVELY logo in gold. Delicate white lining inside the box will protect your jewelry.

      The most wonderful part of the jewelry boxes is the LED light in each box. The sweet little pink containers hold an LED light to especially illuminate your gold initial medallion as it is meant to be seen. There are two dazzling options to choose from:

      • The LED Necklace/Earring Box is perfect for housing your BISOULOVELY Initials necklace.
      • The Premium LED Necklace Box will bring your jewelry display to a heavenly level. Your necklace will sit displayed beautifully while being illuminated by soft LED light.
      • Add a Gift Bag for an extra touch of BISOULOVELY in your order. 

      Sweet Monograms 

      Do you ever wish you could personalize your accessories to perfectly match you and your vibe? A pendant necklace from the BISOULOVELY Initial collection could be exactly what your wardrobe needs. With multiple best sellers featuring every letter of the alphabet, the perfect piece awaits you.


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