Horoscope Collection


      What Is the Horoscope Collection?

      From her place on Earth, she looks up at the velvety night sky and is instantly captivated by the alluring, mysterious beauty of the twinkling stars. Little does she know she is so deeply connected to the cosmos she admires from afar. In fact, we all are. 

      Since the dawn of time, we’ve been stargazers: beings simply enchanted by the distinct, brilliant formations in the sky above. But the universe that surrounds us gives us more than just beauty to be observed; it helps give us insights into who we are. To honor the beauty and breadth of the zodiac, we’ve made The Horoscope Collection, so you can always have a little piece of you adorning you at all times. 

      Ready to Unveil the Collection?

      The Horoscope Collection features zodiac jewelry like pendant necklaces and earrings that bring a touch of divine connection to your everyday wares. We’re obsessed with the way these pieces elevate and bring a personalized element to your look. 

      If you’re seeking to connect even more deeply with your divine energy, add one of these celestial pieces to your collection. Below, we’re doing a deep dive into the zodiac. Keep reading to learn more about the special meanings of each zodiac sign, and our pieces inspired by them. 

      Libra Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      Balanced Libra is constantly searching for harmony. She loves being in the company of others and hates conflict. Her zodiac symbol is represented by the scales. As that depiction suggests, she’s quite indecisive, preferring to stay neutral. 

      A diplomat at heart, this air sign is likely the most aesthetic in her bunch, making sure that everything she surrounds herself with oozes beauty. 

      Cancer Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      The crab of the zodiac may have a hard shell, but once you gain her trust, she’ll reveal her nurturing, loving, and loyal side. Cancer is highly-intuitive and feels emotions deeply. A summer child of June and July, she craves the comfort of familiarity and predictability, which often makes her a homebody. She may be moody at times because she feels so deeply. Still, once she lets you into her inner circle, she’ll do anything for you. 

      Gemini Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      Symbolized by the celestial twins, Gemini has a duality unlike any other sign. Her insatiable curiosity can only be close to quelled by constantly engaging in a variety of pursuits and passions. 

      Gemini’s quick-witted charisma charms everyone she meets and makes her the life of the party. She can be fickle and restless at times, but her zest for life makes any time spent with Gemini a thrill. 

      Virgo Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      A perfectionist at heart, Virgo is best-known for finding order in the chaos that surrounds her. A studious child of August and September, she loves to feel useful and productive, making her a steady shoulder to lean on. Her serious, methodical nature may be seen as uptight. However, at her core, she uses it for good and to shower the people around her with love, which she usually shows by lending a helping hand.

      Aquarius Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      Analytical, assertive, and innovative, Aquarius is on a mission to change the world. This water bearer loves marching to the beat of her own drum and surrounding herself with people from all walks of life. 

      Everything is a learning experience for Aquarius. Some may perceive her as cold, but those close to her know she just isn’t that forthcoming with her emotions. Her free spirit and desire to make sweeping changes make her an amazing friend and partner that’ll encourage your wanderlust and then some. 

      Pisces Celestial Horoscope Pendant

      Call her a dreamer, but gentle Pisces can’t help but get swept away in the waves of fantasy. A true water sign, these babies of February and March are sensitive, compassionate, and creative. Her imagination knows no bounds, and it’s sometimes easy for this fish to lose sight of reality. When surrounded by her highly-spiritual, highly-romantic aura, it’s hard not to see the beauty in everything around you.  

      Leo Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      This lion was born to stand out. Her personality is larger than life and she loves nothing more than being thrust into the spotlight. She’s a diva who has a taste for the finer things in life.

      While some may perceive her desire to be the center of attention as vain, Leo loves to give more than she receives. Shower her with praise, and you can expect even more in return. 

      Scorpio Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      Passionate and fierce, emotional and intuitive, Scorpio is complex and often misunderstood. She keeps her cards close to her chest, which makes her quite beguiling to those who cross her path. Moody October and November claim the Scorpion as their own, and it's easy to see why.

      Represented by the scorpion, she has a venomous sting and an intensity behind her eyes. When her soul is deeply connected to yours, she will put down her poison and be the most trustworthy and empathetic lover or friend. 

      Taurus Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      Grounded and logical, Taurus feels deeply but is careful with whom she gives her time and affection. The bull knows what she wants and knows what she has to do to get it. She’s resilient, hardworking, and ambitious. 

      When given her creature comforts, Taurus is most content. Rub her the wrong way, and you’ll see her stubborn, bullish nature. Anyone would be lucky to have this calming, dependable sign in their corner. 

      Aries Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      This fiery sign is driven, spontaneous, and courageous. She’s motivated and motivating, a social butterfly that leads with ease. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she’s an Aries.

      The ram's passion drives her in everything she does, from work to friendships. Competitive by nature, these March and April children love to be the best. That means she loves hard, she works hard, and if you treat her right, the Aries in your life will be your most loyal sidekick. 

      Sagittarius Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      The archer and her arrow are always down to explore paths unknown. Sagittarius is the trailblazer of the zodiac, always on a quest for something whether it be knowledge, love, or fun. 

      She loves having the freedom to roam, throws caution to the wind, and tells it like it is. While some may take offense to her blunt nature, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for this optimistic, creative soul. 

      Capricorn Celestial Horoscope Pendant 

      This responsible and reliable sign is mature beyond her years. Born in December and January, Capricorn is pragmatic, disciplined, and determined to be great at everything she craves. Her lofty goals can sometimes get in the way of her enjoying the beauty of the moment, even if it’s ephemeral. But even when her plate is full, she will make time for those she loves if they need her. 

      Horoscope Earrings

      Our zodiac necklaces aren't the only zodiac jewelry pieces that can help you connect with your inner starshine. Keep your zodiac sign’s constellation with you at all times through these delicate Horoscope Earrings. Made from sterling silver and plated with either rhodium or yellow gold, these earrings add a mystical touch to your look. 

      Horoscope Keys

      Our zodiac is the key to understanding who we truly are and there’s no better way to say that than with this necklace. Choose your constellation and be prepared to channel the divine with this gorgeous blend of opal, cubic zirconia, and rhodium or yellow gold. 

      Seeing Stars

      We hope these astrological pieces are the perfect jewelry to bring the mystical magic of all things divine to your everyday life. Whichever talismans you choose, may they bring good luck whenever you put them on.