Bisou Babes

Introducing Bisou Babes!
Bisou Babes is a rewards system for BISOULOVELY fans and customers! Earn points with every purchase and refer your friends for $$ off!

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How does it work?
Simply sign up for an account using the panel on the bottom right of the page.
bisou babes rewards button
bisou babes panel
What kind of rewards can I earn?
Until further notice, the current rewards system is as follows.
Every $1 spent = 2 points.
Every 10 points = $1
So for example, if you register for a Bisou Babes account and purchase a $100 ring, you will earn 200 points which is $20 towards your next purchase!
As a Bisou Babe, you also get your very own referral code which you can send to as many people as you like! Each purchase made with your code gets $25 off, and you will also earn $25 off! Pretty awesome! Referral discounts are redeemable on orders over $150.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Bisou Babes today!