Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have an issue with my order?
Can I cancel my pre-order?
The nature of pre-orders are made-to-order items, therefore, for any cancellations or changes please contact us within 3 weeks of placing your order. Cancellation of your order after 3 weeks of placing may be denied. 
How do I track my order?
Once an order is processed and fulfilled, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number for your order as well as the courier used for delivery. You can use the tracking number on their website to track your incoming package!
How can I adjust or cancel my order?
Our goal at Bisoulovely is to process and ship orders quickly. If your order has not yet shipped you may request changes or cancel the order by contacting us. This cannot be guaranteed if we do not get to your inquiry right away so please contact us as soon as possible. Please visit our return/shipping policy for additional information if an incorrect order has shipped.
My order did not go through, but I can see a charge on my bank account.
If your payment was unsuccessful during checkout due to insufficient funds, technical issues or incorrect billing details the transaction will appear as pending on your bank account and should be resolved shortly. In the event that the amount is deducted from your account but you do not receive an order confirmation from us, please reach out to our team at
Why was I charged twice for my order?
If you notice duplicate charges for your order, it is due to a temporary authorization hold and the actual transaction. Sometimes, financial institutions may display both temporarily. However, the duplicate charge should automatically resolve, and the excess amount will be refunded to your account. If the issue persists or you have concerns, please contact our customer support team at
Do coupons apply to shipping costs?
No, unless you have a coupon for free shipping, coupons only apply to products in cart. 
Can I expedite a pre-order/bougie order?
No, unfortunately at this time we are not accepting requests to expedite orders for these made-to-order items.
My order is lost/damaged/stolen/stuck with the carrier, what do I do?
Once the pacakge has shipped and has been handed off to the carrier we are not responsible for any lost, damage, or theft of the package and its contents. If you are shipping international, check with the carrier if some duties or taxes are due for the package. We recommend purchasing route protection for your order to mediate these situations. Please contact the carrirer or route prior to contacting us. We will do our best to help you as much as possible but any form of compensation is not gaurenteed.
What are pre-orders?
Pre-orders (pre-order / preorder / preorders) are orders with items that are made to order! With larger and more popular collections, it's hard to predict quantities that need to be made. We open pre-orders to mitigate this issue.

Because pre-orders are made to order, the processing time to produce, package and ship will be 6+ months unless otherwise specified. Changes to these orders must be done as soon as possible as you may be ineligible from adding or removing items from your order once we finialize the order and begin production. Please try to reach out to us within the first 3 weeks from when you placed the order.
Can I leave delivery instructions in the notes section?
Unfortunately, no. The notes section is designated for our fulfillment team's internal use only. Please refrain from leaving any delivery note codes or instructions in this section. 
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