Stud Lovers


      What Is a Stud?

      We ornament our wrists with bracelets, our waists with a belt, and our necks with necklaces. It's time for our ears to get a little love.

      A stud is a simple and common type of earring. Traditional studs are probably the most popular of all earring types, thanks to its versatility. Studs are generally small, and this decoration sits right atop the ear lobe (or whichever placement you choose) without drooping or pulling. Regardless of the fastening

      These jewelry box staples are super versatile, making them a great choice for every day wear. They’re comfortable, so you’ll barely notice they’re there. This earring type acts as an amazing blank canvas for all sorts of fun and elegant earscape designs

      What Studs Do We Offer?

      BISOULOVELY prides ourselves on our unique pieces, and our stud earrings feature one-of-a-kind styles you won’t find anywhere else. Our pieces are beloved by magical girls everywhere. You’ll find new arrivals inspired by some of our favorite female icons from folklore and real life. Other studs are simply based on the whimsical, magical world around us. 

      We hope our jewelry can help you romanticize even the most mundane tasks, like cleaning the floor. When you always have something sparkly to look at, life feels a little more beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite stud pieces to add whimsy to your every day life. 

      What Are Our Studs Made Of?

      All of our stud earrings are made using sterling silver .925, a high-quality metal known for its strength. Sterling silver .925 is an alloy made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper, nickel, or other metals. Silver is dainty and fine. By combining it with other lovely metals, it becomes more durable, so you can love this piece for a lifetime. 

      To create our glittering, beautiful studs, we apply coats of rose gold, 14k yellow gold, or rhodium atop the sterling silver stud earrings. This plating will stay pristine for one to two years if you treat your pieces with love, so you can enjoy beautiful silver or gold stud earrings every day. If your pieces tarnish or dull, you can have them replated to rediscover their sparkle.

      Want to Explore Our Collection of Studs?

      Whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant pair of studs or a funky set to brighten up your earscape, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore our collection of simply wonderful studs

      Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Stud Pack 

      With its rich colors, soft textures, and all-around moody aura, everything about fall is cozy and warm. This pack of mismatched studs embodies all things autumn. 

      With a pumpkin, acorn, two unique red leaves sparkling like rubies, a turkey leg, and a pumpkin spice latte, these earrings beckon chilly afternoons, piles of leaves made to jump in, and lots of comfort food. 

      First Love Stud Pack 

      They left an imprint on your heart, and you’ll never forget your first love. With one pair of winged heart studs and another pair of love-letter shaped pieces, the First Love Stud Pack pays homage to those first love flutters. 

      Pearl Stud Pack 

      They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls don’t trail far behind. These precious gems have an iridescence that’s nothing short of stunning. 

      The Pearl Stud Pack takes its inspiration straight from this gem of the sea. One pair features two golden fish swimming circles around these shiny pearls, captured by their beauty. The other pair features a pearl beside a starfish and another locked onto a seashell – a beautiful representation of the abundance of treasures that lie along the shore. 

      Marina Stud Earrings

      The Marina Stud Earrings are inspired by the ethereal, mystical, and whimsical beings that swim freely under the sea. The pink stones are arranged to look just like a mermaid’s best companions, a seashell and starfish. The rose gold finish complements the color scheme and adds a feminine touch that will look beautiful on any earscape. 

      Princess Stud Pack

      If you dream of a life straight out of a fairytale, the Princess Stud Pack is the perfect way to bring that extra sparkle to your reality. The pack includes five sets of studs, each one modeled after an essential aspect, or item, of princess life. 

      There is a duo of songbirds because every princess starts her day looking out the window singing with her favorite group of animals! Next, you’ll find the precious glass slippers that adorn her feet and the wands her fairy godmother yields. There are two bows to represent her ever-graceful presence and two elegant rose daggers because we know princesses can fight their own battles. 

      Moonlet Stud Earrings

      If you’re enamored by the moon and stars, look no further than this celestial set. The Moonlet Stud Earrings combine all of the best of the night sky for a bauble that’s simply stunning. A crescent moon made of a glimmering moonstone is surrounded by cubic zirconia stones and golden stars for a cosmic look that’s out of this world. 

      Cottage Charm Studs

      Nature offers an abundance for foraging: fresh berries, mushrooms, herbs, and so much more. Our Cottage Charm Studs bring the foraging experience romanticized by the cottage life to the realm of accessorizing. 

      These studs represent some of the natural world’s most simple and beautiful offerings: a mushroom, strawberry, flower, fern, honeybee, and flower. Forage through this collection each day and mix and match your studs as you wish. 

      Land of Sweets Studs

      Inspired by the whimsy and magic of the Nutcracker ballet, the Land of Sweets Studs is sweet as can be. You’ll find three pairs of studs: snowflake studs, sweets studs, and dew drop studs. 

      The snowflake studs pay homage to the holiday season with a simple and elegant design featuring blue cubic zirconia and shiny synthetic opal. The dew drop studs feature tiny butterflies that bring a delicate look to your lobes. The sweets studs are shaped like small lollipops and feature a pink cubic zirconia stone that’ll entice candy lovers and lovers of the arts alike. 

      Magical Girl Stud Earrings

      We believe there’s a little bit of magic inside of us all. The Magical Girl Stud Earrings embrace that. The collection features five sets of earrings that draw on symbols of magical girls like flowers, stars, and hair swirled up in hairpins. We love the vibrant, bright colors. 

      Mismatched Nebula Studs 

      The Mismatched Nebula Studs set features a unique combination of all things celestial: the stars, moon, and planets. The pieces are made with radiant, shiny gemstones like cubic zirconia and synthetic opal to truly embody the universe’s whimsical nature. 

      Spice Up Your Earscape

      Ready to make your earscape a little more magical? We are, too. These studs are perfect for all of our princesses, mermaids, and lovers of all things lovely. We hope you adore them as much as we do.