Kids’ Jewelry: A Guide & 4 Tips To Follow

There’s nothing cuter than your little one rocking an adorable piece of jewelry. Whether it’s hoop earrings in rose gold, bangle bracelets in white gold, or drop earrings in yellow gold, children’s jewelry can be just as stylish as any fine jewelry sets grown-ups wear.

However, shopping for jewelry for kids should look a little different than shopping for jewelry for adults. Kids have different lifestyles, needs, and, of course, styles than their adult counterparts. Kids love to keep things as bold, fun, and expressive as possible. 

Kids are easy to please, too. They don’t need a jewelry box full of solid gold locket necklaces and stainless steel cross pendants. They don’t care about what’s trending, either — they just want to have fun!

When armed with the right info, you can certainly find your favorite kiddo some sweet baubles, from necklace sets to screw-back earrings. Keep reading for our tips and tricks. Soon enough, you will be more than ready to find an adorable gift for the little ones in your life. 

Safety First 

This is definitely the most important thing to consider when jewelry shopping for kids. You should be extra careful of the pieces you give your little angels. 

Consider Their Age 

When you find a jewelry piece you love and want to give to your little one, it is of the utmost importance to consider whether it is safe for a child of that age to wear. 

Making sure jewelry is not dangerous is definitely more of a concern with younger children, especially babies who are constantly touching and putting items into their mouths. Anything with small stones, beads, or anything that is too delicate should be avoided with a baby, as those little trinkets can end up in their mouth and are a choking hazard. 

Which Jewelry Needs Adult Supervision?

If you want to give a baby a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, make sure it is only worn under adult supervision. Don’t leave these pieces on overnight, as they could become dangerous — especially if a baby is tossing and turning in their sleep.

Kids’ Jewelry: Easy To Put On and Take Off

Another rule that is especially important for little ones is picking pieces they can’t just pull out on their own. When it comes to earrings, for example, screw backings are a must. Regular backings can easily come out, making it easier for the earrings to become a choking hazard. 

Go for Gentle, Non-Irritating Metals 

Little ones have sensitive skin. The last thing you would want to do is give them a gift that will be uncomfortable and irritating. Nickel, cobalt, and chromates are the most common metals that cause allergic reactions

The easy fix? Just go for high-quality metals like sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel. 

Even if your kiddo does not have a metal allergy yet, it is always better to stay cautious and just get the good stuff that will not irritate them. Plus, high-quality metals will last much, much longer. 

Make Sure It’s Sensible 

When we say sensible, we don’t mean boring.

Let’s face it, though: while adults may be worried about wearing pieces for the sake of fashion, kids are a little more focused on things like running around playing games, coloring, and letting their imaginations run wild. So, it is only right that a jewelry gift for a kid makes sense for their lifestyle and doesn’t get in the way of it. 

A lot of this advice is age-dependent, but generally speaking, if your kids are active or tend to be messy, go for a more durable material like rubber, leather, or even rope. 

We want to make sure kids get to be kids, and putting pressure on them to not lose an expensive piece of jewelry can be stressful. Even if you want to treat them to something oh-so-special and luxurious, it may be best to stay away from anything too expensive if your child has a tendency to lose things.

Make It Meaningful

Growing up, so many little girls ogle as they watch their moms get all dressed up and draped in their favorite jewels. They can’t wait for that to be them one day, dangling their own gold earrings, solitaire diamond rings, and cultured pearls. 

It makes sense then that getting a piece of jewelry can make them feel a little more grown-up for so many little kids. Give your little one the gift of feeling a little more posh, sophisticated, and mature with a piece of jewelry. It also gives them responsibility, as they have to take care of the jewelry themselves. 

Gifting your little one a family heirloom can be a really special way to introduce them to the world of jewelry. You can also take them shopping online to pick out a piece they love for themselves. The memories associated with a piece are just as special as the piece themselves. 

Consider Their Interests 

When it comes to gifting, your kids’ passions and interests are a fantastic place to get some inspiration. Do they love sports or nature or Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? Are they obsessed with anime and video games?

This goes for any type of gifting, but it works just as well when picking out jewelry for kids. 

Getting them some jewelry on a topic they love is not only sure to make them smile, but it’s sure to also be more age-appropriate. 

The Best Jewelry Gift Ideas For Kids

So, now you know what to look out for when jewelry shopping for kids. As a bonus, we also wanted to leave you with some inspiration on specific styles, pieces, and designs that little ones will love. 

Small Huggie Earrings

A great pair of solid gold huggies will last them long beyond childhood and into their adult years. They won’t get damaged by water, which means they can withstand days spent swimming in the pool, shower time, and beach days. Plus, they are easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves. Double win!

Getting a first ear piercing is also a big moment in a lot of young girls' lives. So, if they just got their ears pierced, a new pair of earrings is an absolutely perfect gift. 

Charm Bracelets 

There is something so sweet and youthful about charm bracelets. They are just plain fun and make a phenomenal gift for any kid! They can be birthstone or horoscope-inspired, or they can feature cute heart charms if that’s more your little one’s speed.

You can go for a charm bracelet that is already filled with trinkets, but the best kind is customizable. Pick a nice chain bracelet or bangle and add a few charms that fit their personality. Still, always leave space for them to fill up the bracelet with some charms of their own. Not only is this a cute gift that they can slip on immediately, but it also gives them a say in making their own jewelry.

The end result will be a unique bracelet that’s tailor-made to your kid's favorite hobbies, foods, passions, and places. The charm opportunities are endless!

Initialed Jewelry 

Everyone loves initialed jewelry — kids included! Initial jewelry is a fun way to show off a bit of their personality by repping their initial. This option is sure to make your little one feel special. 

Hearts Galore

Show them how much you love them with a sweet heart-shaped piece. Heart pendant necklaces, heart lockets, stud earrings, or charms for a beaded bracelet are all cute ideas for girls’ jewelry. 

There are so many colorful, bright options adorned with gemstones that are perfect for energetic, fun-loving kiddos. If you want to gift something that will last them years to come, go for a more simple, minimal metal piece. 

Our BISOULOVELY X EMIRICHU Collection is filled with sweet heart-shaped pieces. We also love the Erica Pendant ($90) for older kids. The bright colors and unique stones are perfect for those kids with a fun sense of style they love to show off. 

Nature-Inspired Pieces

Fruits, animals, and plants – oh my! We think there is something very sweet about pieces inspired by nature. That is why we have made whole collections inspired by the whimsy of the outside world!

Butterflies and flowers are very common motifs when it comes to jewelry designed for kids. Still, feel free to go beyond the norm and get them strawberry-shaped earring sets or a bangle shaped like a tree. 

Lovely Little Trinkets 

Whether you are looking for a gift for a baby or a tween, we hope this guide has helped you get one step closer to finding the perfect gift for the stylish little one in your life. 



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