6 Benefits to Wearing Gold

Across time and cultures, gold has been used for its numerous spiritual and mental benefits. 

The earliest documented use of gold arose in the 5th millennium B.C. in Bulgaria's necropolis of Varna, the second metal discovered by humans (after copper). The Ancient Egyptians believed gold was the flesh of the god Ra, a rare symbol of eternity that purified the spirit and mind. 

Gold has touched civilizations across the world and across centuries, from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the early Buddhists. Humans have long chased its illusive stores, hunting for the treasure of Blackbeard, searching for El Dorado, and unearthing the riches of the pharaohs. 

Gold is undeniably one of the most precious metals of our time and has been regaled through the ages as a sign of wealth and nobility. Aside from enhancing your artistic style, gold jewelry has been long known for producing astrological and spiritual benefits that bring about positive energy, prosperity, and stability. 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Gold?

As passionate gold jewelry lovers, we hope to share with you the diverse range of benefits you could tap into when wearing gold jewelry. 

Today, we have gathered a list of six mental and spiritual benefits that gold offers us, and we hope you will discover for yourself how your own gold jewelry can enhance your own day-to-day life.

Timeless Beauty

The most immediate, simple, and unforgettable benefit of donning gold baubles is its immortal beauty. Gold jewelry highlights your natural sparkle and can help enhance your self-confidence. Gold jewelry is a perfect way to tap into your effortless beauty and ethereal nature. 

It is for these reasons that gold jewelry is often passed down through family members and retains the historical energies of past generations. In this way, we can also use the beauty of gold jewelry to strengthen familial bonds and honor the memory of past loved ones.

Historical and Monetary Value Over Time

Women throughout history have used gold as a means of financial stability. Since true gold holds its unwavering economic value over time, women have been able to collect gold jewelry as a means of increasing their personal wealth in times when they were not allowed the luxury of working for their own money. 

Because it retains value so well, family fortunes are stored and passed down in gold. For centuries, gold has come to symbolize power, generational wealth, and accomplishment. This makes gold jewelry a meaningful gift to loved ones, especially if it is a piece passed down through family members.

Mood Enhancement

Across ancient cultures and civilizations, gold has been used as a mood enhancer, promoting happiness, stability, and overall peace. Gold’s natural shine and essence help awaken the mind and encourage alertness and positive thoughts. Gold can also be combined with other powerful gemstones to enhance their desired effect.

Repelling Dark Energy

Amongst these vast benefits, gold also maintains valuable spiritual properties. Gold jewelry has been said to prevent black energies from entering the body and aid in expelling black energy as well. Other astrological benefits of gold include protection from negative energy, spiritual healing, and the insertion of the divine consciousness into the body.

Promoting Universal Consciousness

Since ancient times, gold has been known to help strengthen our bridge to the cosmos. Our crown chakra — or sahasrāra — is our center of wisdom, enlightenment, and connection to the higher powers. Helping us commune with the universe, it is an integral part of our spiritual health. 

In Ancient Persia, India, and China, gold was perceived as a way to open the crown chakra and help us activate our Divine energies. Much like gold can help us ward off evil, it can attract positivity and powerful forces for good.

Showing Off Status

Whether you believe in the powers of the universe, the all-encompassing effects of positive energies, and the importance of good luck, you’ve probably felt a pull towards gold jewelry at some point in your life. 

Even if you don’t feel a kinship with its connection to a higher power, you likely understand that gold has been used as a status symbol for as long as humans can remember. Even in primitive times, gold has shown that the wearer possesses money, wealth, and prosperity. Wearing gold is not just a way to build this wealth but to show those around you that you benefit from abundance.

Even now, gold jewelry can help you reach for the stars as aspirational pieces that allow you to fake it until you make it.

Choosing the Right Gold Jewelry for You

Each piece of gold jewelry is delicately crafted and unique, just like you. Seek out pieces that reflect your inner goddess and let you shine. Ensure that you are purchasing a piece of at least 14K gold so that your jewelry will hold its value over time and bring you happiness and peace for years to come. 

If you are interested in experiencing the amazing benefits of gold jewelry yourself, BIOSOULOVELY offers an extensive collection of 14K and 18K gold jewelry pieces for you to explore. Gold is elegant and timeless so it is never a bad time to purchase a quality piece of gold jewelry. 

However, stylistically, it is a perfect time to invest in high-quality gold jewelry. Current trends encourage customization by highlighting simple gold chains or necklaces with a single gold pendant that can be worn by themselves or creatively layered for a more dramatic effect. 

This also promotes longevity in your favorite pieces by allowing you to switch up your looks without needing to purchase new pieces too soon. 

Investing in gold jewelry is beneficial for both your body and your soul. Carefully purchasing and adorning high-quality jewelry will help you continue to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of gold jewelry through your long and fulfilling life.



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