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Bisoulovely X Emirichu

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      What Is the Emirichu Collaboration?

      At Bisoulovely, we love supporting amazing women as they pursue their passions. That’s why we are so excited to announce our collection made in collaboration with Emirichu

      Emirichu is a talented artist, storyteller, and anime-lover. We’re obsessed with her manga illustrations — which you can find on her Instagram or her YouTube channel — where she weaves these characters into beautifully animated stories. 

      What Inspired the Emirichu Collaboration?

      Our jewelry draws inspiration from all things whimsical and magical, and the world of anime is just that. Filled with fantasy and elements beyond our physical realm, anime provides a space to imagine new dimensions and otherworldly scenarios. 

      We’re always inspired by anime’s beautiful colors and concepts. It only felt right to partner with a woman whose anime depictions we admire to create a collection that makes you feel fantastic. This collection takes design cues from one of Emirichu’s fantastical animated characters. 

      While she does not show her own face on her channel, she uses an adorable avatar on her YouTube and Twitch streams. That model lives in a world filled with all things pink, hearts, and strawberries. We pulled from those motifs to create a themed jewelry collection that’s whimsical, beautiful, and oh so sweet — just like her!

      Are You Ready to Fall in Love With This Collection?

      Our Emirichu collaboration is filled with earrings, rings, pendants, and beautiful necklaces to please the romantic in us all. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, falling in love, failing at love, or just a fan of all things pink and red, this type of jewelry is a sweet and sentimental touch. You'll feel just like you've dropped into your favorite anime; no spoilers in sight.

      We think you’ll be smitten with these accessories — we surely are 😍 Keep reading to learn more about all of the pieces in this collection. They're the perfect final touch to any outfit. 

      Love Letter Necklace 

      A classic manifestation of true love, the love letter is the perfect way to tell your beloved how you feel. It’s like a secret just between you two — the writer and the reader — sealed with a kiss. 

      The Love Letter Necklace is a miniature, 14k plated rose gold version of the real deal. Sealed with a sparkling red heart-shaped stone and presented on a chain dotted with pearls, this piece is sure to remind you of those sweet confessions of love.  

      First Love Stud Pack

      The flutter in your stomach every time you catch their eyes. The syrupy sweetness when you hold their hand. Though lovers come and go, you’ll always remember your first love. 

      With one pair of winged heart studs and another pair of love-letter-shaped ones, the First Love Stud Pack pays homage to those first love feels. 

      Heartstrings Ring

      Five hearts alternating between beautiful pastel pink and red cubic zirconia crystals are strung together on a 14k plated rose gold band. The Heartstrings Ring embodies the complex yet simple beauty of love. Look down at it adorning your finger and immediately feel those warm fuzzies. 

      Sweet Strawberry Choker

      Sweeten up your look with this bright, colorful choker. The Sweet Strawberry Choker features plenty of beautiful green, red, and white cubic zirconia stones strung along a 14k plated rose gold chain. The chain is just 13 inches in length with a 3-inch extender to keep things short and sweet. 

      Sweet Strawberry Earrings

      What’s sweeter than strawberries? These earrings. 

      The Sweet Strawberry Earrings are aptly named — they’re simply adorable! The dangly earrings feature a sparkly strawberry hanging below a heart-shaped bow. These bring a touch of femininity and playfulness to your look. 

      How to Take Care of Your Bisoulovely x Emirichu Pieces

      If you love these pieces as much as we do, you’ll want to keep them in pristine condition. Let’s learn a bit more about what these pieces are made of. 

      These pieces are made by applying coats of 14k rose gold atop durable sterling silver. Our pieces should stay in great condition for their first one to two years, after which you may need to get them replated to keep them sparkling. 

      Luckily, there are a couple of ways to keep your plated pieces beautiful for far longer. Love may fade, but your jewelry’s sparkle should not.

      Avoid Water 

      You may love a dip in the pool or a warm bath, but your jewelry doesn’t. Over time, water can damage precious metals and erode them. This can make your pieces look tarnished and dull. 

      We recommend taking your pieces off before you bathe, do the dishes, or have a movie moment kissing in the pouring rain. 

      Be Careful With Chemicals 

      Many of the beauty products we use are laden with chemicals. While they’re safe for us to come in contact with, they can substantially change the look of our pieces. Some chemicals cause the metals to oxidize, leaving your jewelry discolored or turning your rose gold pieces black. 

      Save yourself the worry and make sure to put your jewels on after you’ve done your hair, makeup, and spritzed yourself with that love-binding spell we call perfume. 

      Take Storage Seriously

      It’s easy to just keep your pieces out on your dresser. They’re gorgeous and deserve to be displayed, right? Yes, but leaving your jewelry in humidity, light, and heat can cause those metals to tarnish.

      If you love these pieces as we do, you’re best off storing them in a jewelry pouch in a dark area, like inside a drawer or jewelry box. If you don’t have soft pouches, don’t worry. A simple plastic bag will do the trick, too. 

      Wear These With Love

      Whether you’ll be wearing them to enchant a new love, gifting them to a loved one, or treating yourself to a piece because your first love is truly yourself, we hope you adore these pieces the way we do. 


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