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This ring features a gorgeous lab Alexandrite stone which shifts colors from blue, purple, and green. Vivian is sterling silver .925 plated in yellow gold and has white cubic zirconia stones with golden vine details. The magical color change Vivian undergoes depends on the light and reminds us that there is magic in this realm for those who seek it. This is plated jewelry and with proper care, it might need to be replated after 1-2 years.

Orders will take 1 - 2 weeks to process and package + Shipping time.

When alexandrite combines with delicate cubic zirconia gems, the result is an almost extraterrestrial beauty. The stunning shades of alexandrite turn any piece of jewelry into artwork like nothing else on Earth. The Vivian Ring is a darling display of elegance and whimsy.

What Does the Vivian Ring Look Like? 

The Vivian Ring’s highlight is its magical show of colors. An oval cut alexandrite sits atop a crown of golden vines. Interlaced within the shining vines are a handful of artfully placed white cubic zirconia stones. These five stones of different sizes are woven within the golden vines to create a portrait that is heaven-sent. 

The angelic design starts with a sterling silver shank plated in shining yellow gold. Front and center is the queen herself: alexandrite. This mysterious gem is perfectly accentuated by the cubic zirconia glittering amongst twirling gold vines.

Wear the Vivian Ring on its own for a statement of charm and starshine. You can also pair it with other rings like the Charlotte Ring or the Alice Ring for a dazzling alexandrite look.

What Is Alexandrite? 

One of Earth’s most alluring gemstones, alexandrite turns heads anytime it makes an appearance. Known as an emerald by day and a ruby by night, alexandrite is truly nature’s mood ring. It appears to shift colors as the lighting changes.

Since its discovery, alexandrite has been one of the world's most sought after gems. Its rarity was established when it was found in the majestic Ural mountains of Russia. Thought to at first be an emerald, the people who found it quickly realized the magic they had just come across. 

Stones like garnet, sapphire, and diaspore have also been found to slightly shift colors, but none are nearly as dramatic as the changes within an alexandrite gem. This gemstone presents a whole spectrum of hues, depending on the lighting:

  • Purple-red
  • Brown
  • Mauve
  • Blue-green
  • Deep green
  • Light green

These stunning shades are entirely dictated by the light that shines on them. In the daylight and fluorescent light, the alexandrite gem shows tones of soft blue to a deep emerald green. This is when the change is most prominent. When the sun sets and the jewel is under incandescent light, it gives off its purple-red to mauve tone. 

Today, alexandrite is even more scarce than diamonds. It is rare to find it in large sizes, so synthetic alexandrite has increased in popularity. 

Synthetic alexandrite, also called lab-grown or lab-made, is composed of the same vital elements found in natural alexandrite. This is what is most important in the creation of this ethereal stone. Alexandrite’s formation heavily relies on the combination of chromium and beryllium. These elements are found in emeralds as well.

How Do I Care for Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Just as with any piece of jewelry, if you want your plated rings to last, you’ll have to pay attention to its proper care instructions. Harsh chemicals and scrubs can damage gold, as it is a relatively soft metal. Often, blemishes can be taken care of with a gentle shine using a soft material. It is best to keep your gold-plated jewelry dry.

Most of the time, you don't need a cleaning solution at all to help your gold-plated pieces sparkle. Abrasive materials and chemicals could leave your ring looking dull and scratched. When it comes time to shine your jewelry, reach for a dry:

  • Microfiber towel
  • Cotton ball or cotton swab
  • Soft jewelry cloth

You can use one of these gentle materials to effortlessly swipe off fingerprints or blemishes. You likely won’t even need to use a liquid cleaning solution of any kind. If your accessory is especially in need of cleaning, try using warm water and a bit of dish soap.

Make sure you avoid antibacterial soap and even jewelry cleaning solutions. These can be too harsh on the delicate exterior of gold-plated jewelry. You want your gold to keep its shine, and taking these simple steps will ensure that your piece looks new for as long as possible.

Can I Give the Vivian Ring as a Gift?

Whether the Vivian Ring is for yourself or for a friend, your new ring deserves an elegant storage piece all its own. When you choose the Vivian Ring, you have the option to include a ring box for an additional charge. Choose to add a BISOULOVELY gift bag to your order for a complete gift package.

Each magical pink ring box is complete with a vintage BISOULOVELY logo monogrammed in gold on the lid. Soft white lining on the inside will protect your ring as if it's sitting atop a pillow made just for it. 

The most enchanting feature of a ring box is the LED light. Each sweet little box contains an LED light to illuminate your gems as if the moonlight itself is shining down on it. Now you can see the true sparkle of your piece as it is meant to be seen.

  • The LED Single Ring Box is perfect for housing your Vivian ring in those rare moments that you aren’t wearing it.
  • The LED Double Ring Box is for you if you need a little extra space for anything else in your BISOULOVELY order.
  • The Premium LED Ring Box takes your jewelry display to a heavenly level. Just as in the single and double ring boxes, your ring will sit nestled in a simple white cushion. A delicate gold bow adorns the front of the box. An LED light makes anything placed inside shine.
  • Choose to add a Gift Bag for an additional touch of BISOULOVELY in your order. 

A Magical World Awaits

The Vivian Ring displays dazzling cubic zirconia stones placed among gold-plated vines. At the center lies a pristine alexandrite that demands attention. 

There truly is no gemstone that compares to alexandrite. Its enchanting color changing properties turn any piece into a magical display of nature’s wonder and beauty. When the sun sets and your alexandrite shifts from a green to mauve hue, you may wonder if a fairy stopped by and swapped your gem for another. 

Shipping Returns & Care
  • This order will ship in approx. 1-2 weeks for in-stock items.
  • Please note that with proper care, plated jewelry may need to be replated every 1-2 years.

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