Mermaid Magic Jewelry


      What Is the Mermaid Magic Collection?

      From out of the sea she emerges, radiant and covered in sparkly scales. She rides the waves with ease, letting the tides take her where they wish. You may catch a glimpse of her tail glimmering as she dives back down into the depths of the sea. Under the sea, she swims freely and feels the gentle caress of a sea anemone. She is one with the Earth in the purest of ways. 

      On land, everyone admires this ethereal being. If you’re looking to channel your inner mermaid, we’ve got you covered. And, no, you will not have to grow a tail. All you have to do is shop our whimsical new Mermaid Magic Collection.

      What Inspired the Mermaid Magic Collection?

      Our jewelry is inspired by all things magical. We love making pieces that make you feel celestial, whimsical, and ethereal whenever you wear them. Our pieces are carefully designed to add a touch of magic to your everyday life, and we hope you love them. 

      The Mermaid Magic Collection is inspired by the mythical woman under the sea and the magic they hold. The whole collection — from the designs to the materials used — takes inspiration from these aquatic queens and their surroundings.

      Ready To Dive Into the Collection?

      The Mermaid Magic collection features earrings and rings to add a touch of whimsy, aquatic-inspired beauty, and sparkle to everything you do. We’re smitten with these pieces, and we hope you will be, too. If you’ve always dreamed of what it’s like to be a mermaid, keep reading to more about our stunning, sea-inspired pieces.

      Aquaria Ring

      With just a flick of the tail, you’re in a new dimension submerged in the crystal-clear water, surrounded by creatures of all shapes and sizes just as whimsical as you. Are you dreaming? Maybe. 

      The Aquaria Ring has a tendency to conjure up such imaginative journeys. The pale blue cubic zirconia stone shines like the sea. It’s held in place by a shining seashell on one side and a sparkling mermaid tail on the other. 

      Marabel Ring

      Marabel means “star of the sea,” and the Marabel Ring is wholeheartedly inspired by its name. Not only does this ring feature a starfish front and center, but it glistens and glows with clusters of cubic zirconia. This piece is sure to be the star of the show when it comes to your jewelry collection.  

      Talia Ring

      What’s that little trinket over there? The Talia Ring’s golden jellyfish umbrella is inspired by the gadgets and gizmos aplenty that a mermaid may find on her adventures through the waves. It’s adorned with sparkling stones of all shapes and sizes. This ring is alluring to those who have the pleasure of catching a glance and sure to captivate all those who wear it. 

      Nami Earrings

      Our best-selling Nami Earrings are a treasure to be found. Large iridescent pearls are wrapped in a crystal wreath with little pearls adorning the edges. With rose gold, gold, and silver finishes, these earrings look amazing on everyone. 

      Marina Stud Earrings

      Who is she?! Every girl of the sea needs some colorful baubles to complete their aesthetic. This mismatched Marina Stud Earring Set is a fun and festive way to decorate your earscape. 

      These stones are arranged to look just like a seashell and starfish, which every mermaid needs. The pink stones and rose gold finish are oh-so-pretty, too. 

      Maisie Pendant

      Mythical and magical, every mermaid needs a wand to make her wildest dreams come true. This Maisie Pendant is an ode to all of the wishes a mermaid makes true. The yellow gold piece is studded with beautiful stones like pink cubic zirconia and shiny pearls. Wear it to infuse your days with a little mermaid magic, whatever you do. 

      Marissa Earrings

      Inspired by the tail of the mermaid herself, these Marissa Earrings are sure to dazzle. They’re made from sterling silver and plated with a stunning 14k rose gold. Each earring is covered in cubic zirconia stones for some extra sparkle and features an homage to the sea with a shiny pearl dangling from its end. 

      Serena Ring

      Looking for a ring fit for a princess? The Serena Ring is sure to impress any woman whose heart belongs to the waves. The center of the ring is a princess-cut cubic zirconia. Above it rests a glistening rose gold seashell with two intricately designed rolling waves on either side. 

      The waves and the rest of the band are dotted with sparkly stones to mimic the glimmer of the sea. We simply can’t get enough. 

      Nori Earrings

      No seascape is complete without a selection of underwater flora. These Nori Earrings are inspired by the abundance of beautiful, vibrant plants that grow beneath the surface. The earrings have a shape that embodies the movement of seagrasses undulating with the tides. They’re decorated with cubic zirconia and pearls to capture the sea’s sparkles. 

      With rose gold, yellow gold, and a silver finish available, this pair is perfect for everyone, no matter what their favorite metal is. 

      How To Take Care of Your Mermaid Magic Pieces

      Our plated jewelry is made by applying coats of 14k gold or rose gold atop glistening sterling silver. Our pieces should stay in great condition for their first one to two years, after which you may need to get them replated to keep them looking fresh. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to keep your plated pieces looking fresh for far longer. 

      Avoid Excessive Water 

      Mermaids may be best known for splashing and splashing through the sea, but if you want to keep your pieces in prime condition, you’re best keeping them out of the water. Water can damage precious metals by eroding them over time. This can make your pieces look tarnished and dull. We recommend taking your pieces off before you bathe, do the dishes, or go diving for seashells. 

      Be Careful With Chemicals 

      Many of the beauty products we use are laden with chemicals. While they’re fine for us to come in contact with, they can substantially change the look of our pieces. Some chemicals cause the metals to oxidize, leaving your jewelry discolored or turning your gold pieces black. Save yourself the worry and make sure to put your rings on after you’ve done your hair, makeup, and spritzed your perfume. 

      Store Them Well

      Proper storage can extend the life of your jewelry. Humidity, light, and heat can cause metals to tarnish. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for this. Keep your baubles in a jewelry pouch in a dark area, like inside a drawer or jewelry box. If you don’t have soft pouches, do not fret. A simple plastic bag will do the trick, too. 

      Make a Splash

      We hope these pieces bring the whimsy of the sea’s most intriguing women to your everyday life. Wear them with pride, and we promise you’ll feel the magic.