Personalized Jewelry: Why It's the Best Gift

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day — these special moments deserve special gifts. 

When it comes to giving a gift that they can cherish forever, you can never go wrong with personalized jewelry. Whether it’s a gold-plated bangle, an engraved heart necklace, a birthstone ring, or anything in between, personalized jewelry is a perfect gift.

Any type of jewelry already makes a lovely gift — but add a personalized touch to a keepsake, and your birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, graduation gift, or couples’ jewelry levels up! 

There are so many ways to make a piece feel more personal. From engravable charm bracelets and charm necklaces to engravable name jewelry, the personalized options are endless!

So, why is personalized jewelry such a fantastic gift? We’re going into all of our favorite aspects of these special presents. 

Plus, we are sharing some inspo for how to pick the perfect personalized jewelry gift for that special person in your life. Of course, some of our favorite personalized BISOULOVELY best-sellers are highlighted down below.

6 Reasons Why Personalized Jewelry Makes the Best Gift

Personalized jewelry makes for a great gift for so many reasons. Here’s why we keep going back and gifting personalized pieces again and again. 

1. It’s One-of-a-Kind

These days, it seems like everyone has all of the same stuff. It’s easy to follow the same trends and end up wearing the same clothing and accessories as so many of your peers.

While there is nothing wrong with following trends, it’s fun to do something a little different. A personalized piece of jewelry stands out from the crowd — it’s unique. That’s why you can be sure its recipient will love it. Who doesn’t love feeling one-of-a-kind in a personalized necklace?

When it comes to finding that perfect, unique, personalized jewelry gift, you can go with something like a nameplate necklace engraved with your best friend or loved one’s initials or a phrase they love. 

If you still want a personalized gift that feels unique but don’t have time to get something completely custom, you can pick up a ready-made personalized bracelet or initial necklace. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

2. Personalized Jewelry Is Extra Thoughtful 

Picking out the right gift for someone can be stressful, no matter how well you know them. 

Will they like it? Is it really their style? Is this birthstone bracelet or bar necklace really just something I want?

Getting a personalized jewelry gift for someone you love shows you went that extra mile and really put a lot of thought into the gift. You considered what they like and don’t like, and you even figured out whether they prefer rose gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver. That takes some work.

Most importantly, you spent that extra time to make sure you got a gift that felt special. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. Personalized Jewelry Is Super Memorable 

Trends fade, but custom jewelry lasts forever. 

We live in an age where you can document everything with your iPhone, but nothing is more special than something tangible to mark a milestone moment in your life. Enter custom jewelry! 

Not only will they get a unique piece to wear for years and years to come, but the personalized aspect of a custom necklace or bracelet adds sentimental value.

Every time they open their jewelry box and look at it that custom locket necklace or choker, they’ll think of you or the special occasion on which you chose to give them the piece. That’s when all the feels will hit. 

4. Personalized Jewelry Helps Them Express Their Style 

One of the most fun parts about wearing jewelry is creating a collection that fits your personality and style just right.

When it comes to any type of jewelry, the meaning of the piece is up to the wearer. Because a personalized piece is already custom-made, it helps you express your style even more than a regular piece of jewelry would. 

Plus, as the gifter, you can make sure every part of the piece is something they’d love. When you go to a store and pick something right off the rack, you might think, “Wow, this would be perfect for mom — if it was yellow gold.” 

Personalized jewelry takes those sorts of questions out of the equation and makes sure the gift is perfectly suited to the giftee. 

5. Personalized Jewelry Is Harder To Lose

Okay, none of us ever want to lose our beloved jewelry pieces — but let’s be real, sometimes it happens. 

Luckily, personalized jewelry makes the finding process a bit easier. Custom pieces often have some marker — initials or a birthdate, for example — that helps you track down that special piece if it ever slips by. 

6. Jewelry That Tells a Story as Special as Them

A personalized piece of jewelry is an instant conversation starter. When someone looks at a personalized piece, they will instantly wonder what it means. That special meaning may come from the design, the special occasion they got it for, or even you, the gifter! 

A personalized piece of jewelry is so much more than just a pretty combination of symbols, text, and gemstones. It’s a token of love, friendship, and celebration. Whatever it is, it’ll forever be a piece of their story. 

Personalized Jewelry Gift Guide

When it comes to finding a piece of personalized jewelry they will love, there are so many different directions you can take. Keep reading for some of our faves!

Monograms and Initials 

Your name is a huge part of who you are. It’s part of how the world sees you — and how we see ourselves. 

When you give someone monogrammed or initialed jewelry, they will love repping their initials in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. These personalized pieces are especially excellent gifts for new moms!

For a birthday, go for a simple initial necklace, a duo of initial earrings, or customize a bar bracelet with their monogram. 

For Mother’s Day, get your mom or wife a piece customized with the initials of their kids. This is a cute idea that feels super and special for a holiday dedicated to the best people on earth — moms!

Birthstones and Zodiac Symbols

Your birthday, zodiac sign, and birthstone are all parts of what make you unique. If you want to get someone a special gift, birthstone jewelry is a fantastic place to start. 

Every month of the year has an assigned birthstone. Each stone is said to have its own unique properties and special meaning, so a birthstone necklace or bracelet is always special. Plus, every birthstone is truly stunning, making these necklaces and bracelets perfect for layering with other jewelry.

For the astrologically-inclined person in your life, go for a piece with their zodiac sign. Even a simple piece emblazoned with the star formation of their astrological sign will help them connect with their own divine energy — and look cute doing it.

Custom Coordinates

We all have places we hold near and dear to our hearts. A piece customized with the coordinates of a place that’s special to them is sure to please. 

For college graduates, a coordinate necklace is a thoughtful gift to help them always keep their alma mater close. This is also a great gift idea for someone moving away from home for the first time. It’s even a great way to commemorate a destination wedding.

BISOULOVELY Personalized Jewelry Gifts

Hopefully, your mind is already churning with ideas of what you are going to get that special someone. If you are on the fence or have an idea but do not know where to find it, you’re in luck. We have some beautiful personalized pieces of our own that we think they’ll love!

The Horoscope Collection

For the stargazers, the whimsical, and the lovers of all things astrology, you can’t go wrong with any piece from The Horoscope Collection.

The collection features lovely pendant necklaces and earrings for each sign in the zodiac. Beyond the symbols, the pieces are laden with glistening stones which creates a truly ethereal feel. 

The Initials Collection

For the maximalist in your life, check out The Initials Collection. Each piece is a necklace featuring a pendant with an uppercase letter from the alphabet. The pieces come with a rose gold, yellow, or rhodium base, but the stars of the show are the stones that adorn the metal. 

Each piece is covered in shimmering stones of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Because of the unique array of gems with one-of-a-kind designs, no two Initials Collection necklaces have the same design. That uniqueness only adds to the personal feel of these BISOULOVELY best-sellers.

Get Ready To Gift

We hope you found the perfect personalized jewelry gift for that special someone in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the gift of their dreams from one of our personalized jewelry collections.



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