Get the Look: Moon Goddess

Get the Look: Moon Goddess


Emerging from the forest mist, a woman kneels  at a creek. Wrapped in a gossamer gown that glints silver in the moonlight, she glows faintly like the moon above. A stag nuzzles the bow slung across her shoulder. This woman is no mortal. She is the goddess of the moon, Artemis. Celestial beings have forever enchanted mortals like ourselves gazing up at the stars. How can I look like this lunar goddess? Fret not my modern star children, let me tell you. 


Get the Look: Moon GoddessBASIC SYMBOLS

The main symbols associated with Artemis are a bow and arrow, the stag, and of course the moon. You can play with different variations of the moon by choosing different stages like crescent moons, or full moons. Other symbols to keep in mind when choosing clothing and accessories for your outfit would be  stars, clouds and antlers. Basic symbols to use 


Get the Look: Moon Goddess

The main colors used to portray a lunar vibe would be silver, blue, black, purple, and white. Possible accent colors could be yellow, or gold to denote a starry aesthetic. As for what type of blue, stick to hues and shades that you would see in the night sky. Inky indigo, velvety azure, or deep sapphire. 



Get the Look: Moon Goddess


Fabrics are not as important so long as they fit the color palette but they can help achieve the ‘goddess’ quality in your look. Opt for silks, satin, chiffon, fuzzy knits, velvet, or shantung. All of these fabrics fall into three main categories: light, shimmery, or fluffy. 




Get the Look: Moon Goddess





Use golds, silvers, or blues in your eye shadow, and opt for a silvery lip gloss. Try to get that luminous, glowing look and a visible shimmer. Maybe even add body glitter to your cheeks! For your nails, either keep them natural or paint them with silver nail polish. If you are good at nail art, try using a blue base and adding silver or yellow star and moon details.  




In general pick out pieces that use the symbols mentioned earlier. Our Lunar collection has both the crescent moon and stars, making it the perfect piece for this look. You could choose the Luna Necklace, or one of the rings to complete your look. As for which gemstones to choose, go for blue lab sapphires, opals, and moonstones. Moonstones seem the natural choice being named after the moon and looking like it. 



Entire outfits will vary based on your own style whether you like yume kawaii, cosplay inspired, French girl, or minimalist fashion. Outfits will also vary based on the season and the occasion. But here are two outfit ideas to consider:

Fancy occasion: strappy, long blue dress, paired with silver heels and accented with gold and silver jewelry. Perhaps the Luna Choker as a statement piece. Sweep your hair up into an elegant low bun or do a half up half down with sparkly bobby pins. You could either make your makeup natural with silver eye shadow or go for an editorial look with  more pronounced colors. 

Winter cozy: Throw on an oversized fuzzy light blue sweater with dark blue jeggings. Instead of necklaces wear rings like the Luna Transformation Ring to amp up your look. Pair with white sneakers and dangly earrings with maybe stars or moons. Pull your hair into a high messy bun and do minimal makeup with the exception of eye liner and gold/silver shimmery eye shadow. 

I hope this article helps you on your journey as a modern moon goddess. If you would like to check out our Luna Ring click here or follow us on Instagram