Crystal Jewelry: How To Make It, Where To Buy It & More

Before time, before all else, the sun rises over a distant mountain top, shining down on a magnificent ice palace as it towers over the rolling land below it. Untouched by time or the elements, it glistens in the light of the dawn. This is a place beyond the Earth we know, a purely mythical place: Krystallos. 

Unknown to many, the word crystal derives from the Greek krystallos. This was the mythical ice palace where the gods once resided, untouched even by the power of the sun. This is likely why we attribute so much strength and majesty to crystals like aventurine, clear quartz, malachite, and beyond. 

No matter your familiarity with crystals, these jewels undoubtedly bring elegant and beautiful imagery to mind whenever they’re mentioned: dazzling decor, a delicate piece of jewelry, or a generous assortment of large stones covering a healing table flooded by the smoke of incense. 

With crystals forming long before the dawn of mankind, it is no mystery why we are so drawn to these enchanting stones. Here we will go over all things crystal jewelry, share wisdom about its origins, and teach you how to find a piece of this Earthly history for yourself.

The History of Crystals

Truly a mystifying process, the geological creation of crystals showcases millions of years of heat and compression working tirelessly to create these energetically captivating stones.

Dating back more than four billion years, zircon is the oldest mineral found in the Earth’s crust. The use of crystals such as zircon for their healing properties can be traced as far back as the Middle Ages when people believed zircon stones could ward off evil, induce sleep, and bring prosperity and wisdom.

For as long as humans have walked the Earth, we have turned to crystals for both spiritual and physical healing. Built into battle armor, use in ancient rituals, and grasped firmly in our hands (and pockets) in times of need, crystals provide spiritual comfort and protection, guiding us towards stability and prosperity. 

While so much has changed, our modern-day crystals remain a prominent physical entity for channeling spirituality and promoting balanced healing. These are our last connections to the metaphysical in a world of modernity.

Why Make Crystal Jewelry?

As we have mentioned, crystals allow us to promote spiritual and emotional healing and reconnect to Mother Nature. A convenient and effective way to harness the grounding properties of crystals is making them into wearable jewelry so that you never have to part from your favorite gemstones.

Crystals invite positive vibrations and abundance into our lives. They can connect your own energy with the energy around us as we move through life. 

Making your own gemstone jewelry also offers you the special opportunity to connect deeper to your crystals — spending additional love and time with them and heightening the vibrations between you and the stones. 

While producing the jewelry, you can charge the stones with your own energy and set your intentions organically. 

Of course, you can also purchase pre-made crystal jewelry to access the beautiful powers of these stones.

What Crystals Are Best To Use in Jewelry?

When deciding which gemstones to choose in your search for spiritual jewelry, look no further than within yourself. Simply ask what guidance or healing you need from the universe at this time. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is deeply rooted in the heart chakra, making it wonderful for ethereal necklaces. This stone promotes healing in trust and love, and a rose quartz necklace can bring spiritual healing to all who wear one. 

Those who have recently experienced intense heartbreak or who are looking to build stronger self-confidence and self-love can benefit greatly from a rose quartz crystal. 


Amethyst promotes enlightenment and enhances our sense of protection. It can be a lovely choice for those interested in deepening their meditation practices and overcoming any fears holding them back.

 An amethyst stone necklace is a wonderful gift for loved ones, as this natural stone can bring a much-needed sense of calm during times of stress. 

Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian

Black tourmaline and obsidian can be powerful natural crystals for rejecting and expelling negative energy. These are useful for anyone looking to welcome positive vibrations and who strives to rid themselves of destructive mindsets.

Labradorite, fluorite, and selenite can also be powerful tools for removing negative energy, especially when used alongside these black stones in harmony.

Lapis Lazuli

Known for its many healing properties, lapis lazuli is a beautiful indigo stone that cleanses the throat and third eye chakras. This gem can be useful in opening channels of communication in your life, connecting you to improved clarity and intuition.


A valuable balancing stone, agate grounds the mind, body, and spirit. This is a beneficial stone to incorporate if you are looking to slow down your pace and take in the beauty of life. 


Citrine is a crystal known for its encouragement of abundance and optimism. For anyone looking to manifest financial growth or attract greater life opportunities, turn to citrine for generating positive vibes and success. 

Garnet is another powerful stone for ambition and success that can be paired beautifully with citrine in stud earrings, bracelets, or anything that suits your fancy.

How Can I Make Crystal Jewelry?

Consider making simple necklaces or rings with healing crystals to take their growth and healing properties with you wherever you roam. Handmade crystal jewelry can even make a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member in need of their powerful energy. 

DIY Crystal Necklace

Necklaces are a great way to incorporate crystal jewelry into your daily life because they can be worn comfortably at all times and can be hidden if needed under clothing. Necklaces also place your stone close to your heart chakra, a powerful point for balancing vibrations and centering your spiritual energy. 

One of the simplest ways to attach a gemstone to a pendant necklace is by purchasing a gemstone cage. These are easily obtained in craft stores or can be ordered online, and they can be made using a variety of metals including sterling silver, rhodium, and rose gold tones. These cages can then easily be strung onto your choice of thread or chain to be worn around your neck.

Gemstone cages are especially beneficial because they allow you to exchange the stone inside of your crystal pendant depending on what spiritual properties serve you best at different times. 

DIY Crystal Ring

A second way of incorporating crystal jewelry into your life is by crafting gemstone rings. Gemstone rings can provide a unique piece of healing jewelry because you can incorporate more than one crystal into the weave of the ring. 

It is important to note that for gemstone rings, you will need to purchase crystal healing beads or exceptionally small crystals (much smaller than the gemstones that would be used in necklaces). Some beads come with holes predrilled or you can drill them yourself if you prefer and have the tools. 

You will also need jewelry-making wire - preferably 1mm (18 gauge) which is the perfect union of strength and thinness needed to easily string through the gemstones. Finally, you will need a pair of pliers or wire cutters. Now, you are ready to get started:

  • Begin by cutting the wire to 5 inches. This is approximately enough wire to create your ring, but feel free to leave extra space if you feel like it is necessary. 
  • Place the crystals of your choosing onto the wire and center them. You may opt for just one crystal depending on its size.
  • Circle the wire around to produce the ring shape. We recommend using something to guide you such as a mascara tube or other such object. It is important to note that you should expand the ring to a little bit larger than you want it to be in its final form as you will lose some length in the following step. 
  • Twist the wires up each side of the gemstones to secure them in place. 
  • Wrap the excess wire several times in small circles around the ring wire on each side of the gemstones. Snip off the ends of the wire or sand them down to ensure comfort when wearing your stone, and you’re all done!

Of course, these aren’t the only DIY stone jewelry ideas floating around. Beaded bracelets speckled with rainbow moonstone, dangle drop earrings with glittering lepidolite, and birthstone pendants can all be crafted easily with a little inspiration. We can’t wait to see what your intuitive and creative spirit has in store.

Where Can I Buy Crystal Jewelry?

If you would prefer to leave your jewelry crafting to the professionals, there is no shortage of places to purchase crystal jewelry beautifully designed and crafted to provide you with all the healing benefits crystals have to offer. 

BISOULOVELY offers an abundant range of ethereal crystal jewelry to cater to your inner star child. Reconnect to nature and awaken your divine earthly goddess with their collection of forest-inspired leafy jewelry. For intense healing, reach out to the cosmos for celestial guidance and explore the Moonstone Collection

If you are feeling the need for more adventure and passion, search the boundless stars of the universe in the whimsical Galaxy Collection. With a variety of crystal necklaces, crystal rings, crystal bracelets, and crystal earrings, BISOULOVELY offers an elegant display of pieces catering to every spirit. 

Whether it is hand-made or hand-selected, crystal jewelry is a time-trusted tradition in furthering our spiritual journeys during our short time on this Earthly plane. Trust in the universe and let it guide you towards your truest healing and seek to deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you through the mystical powers of crystal jewelry.


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