Your Adventure Awaits!

Thank you to all the adventures who've joined our party!

If you've backed us during the Kickstater, the survey has already been sent out. Please check all mail boxes including spam. You will select your add-ons through the survey and have to chance to add additional pieces there.
Estimated time for RPG pre-orders; orders will start being fulfilled in November 2021.
Please direct RPG inquires or survey questions to:
FAQ below.
A special THANK YOU to everyone who's supported us! We wouldn't have been able to create these pieces without you!


Pre-order Store

When will I be charged?

Pre-order store will be close on the 21st of July. Orders will be locked on the 21st and once locked in they cannot be edited or changed. The balances will be collected then.

Can I update my shipping address?

Yes, although you can no longer change your order you can change your shipping address. Please contact us at, with your information.


Kickstarter Backers And Survey

I want more items, should I buy them through the Pre-order store?

No, if you have already backed us through the Kickstarter, please wait for the survey as it will give you a chance to add as many items to your pledge as you'd like. Purchasing additional items by starting an order through the pre-order store will cause you to be charged another shipping fee.

Where is my survey?
The surveys are currently in the process of being sent out. Due to the high volume, some may arrive sooner than others. Please check all mail boxes including spam/junk. If you've lost the email or have not received one after waiting a few business days, visit to have it resent or please reach out to with your backer email to request a resend.

Where did my add-ons go?

If you backed us through kickstarter and had add-ons you will need to re select those add-ons in the survey. You will be given the corresponding amount of credit needed to do so.

Duties and taxes

Canadian taxes will be collected through the survey on all Canadian orders. Bisoulovely is not responsible for duties and customs shipping internationally.

Can I update my shipping address?

Yes, you can change yourshipping address. Please contact us at, with yourinformation.

When will I be charged for any additional charges?

For those with outstanding balances (due to taxes, add-ons, etc.) those will be collected on the 30th. This is because orders will be locked on the 28th and no additional changes to your pledge can be made.

I used apple ID during the kickstarter

We are sending the surveys through Backerkit to provide you with additional options and customization in your survey. t has come to our attention some backers who've backed the RPG collection without providing an email and using the apple ID are not receiving their survey. Please reach out to us at with your kickstarter information and an email address we can use to send you your survey. Thank you!