Mushroom Ring
Mushroom Ring

Mushroom Ring

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This whimsical ring is sterling silver .925 plated in yellow gold with multicolored cubic zirconia stones. This dainty mushroom ring is the perfect jewelry piece to add to your cottage core aesthetic. It is said that if you see a ring of mushrooms on the forest floor, called a “fairy circle” or “fairy ring” fairies gathered and danced there last night. Please note that this is plated jewelry and will need to be re-plated after 1-2 years with proper care. This order will take around 1-2+ weeks to package and process plus additional shipping time.

Use this chart to find your ring size; our sizes are based on Canada/U.S. measurements. If you're unsure, learn how to measure your ring size at home.

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Mushroom Ring

Foraging through the forest, she stumbles upon something beautiful. A ring of whimsical little mushrooms splayed along the lush green grass. She remembers the folklore and tales she’s heard. Something magical has happed here ✨

Old Celtic tales say these mushroom rings are places of magic, mysticism, and mystery. Called “Fairy Rings” or “Fairy Circles,” these are believed to be the spaces where fairies, elves, witches, and other supernatural beings dwell. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a Fairy Ring yourself, it is a sign fairies were dancing and playing in that exact spot. Even if you’re curious, it is best to stay on the outskirts. Some say that if you step inside the circle, you may be dancing there forever.

Our gold Mushroom Ring is an ode to the magic and beauty of this lore made for nature-lovers, food-lovers, and folklore-lovers alike. This simple, cute-as-a-button mushroom silhouette is adorned with multicolored cubic zirconia stones and metal accents that embody the quirky, imperfect beauty of this real-life fungi. These whimsical elements sit atop a radiant gold band to craft a piece that’s spellbindingly cute.

What Inspired the Mushroom Ring?
Mystical creatures, lush verdure, fields of flowers, the coos of wild animals, and diamonds dancing on the lake. These are the sounds, feels, and textures of a simple countryside life. It is that harmonious lifestyle and aesthetic that inspired our dreamy Mushroom Ring.

The Mushroom Ring is a part of our Cottage Core Collection. The collection is filled with a range of whimsical pieces inspired by the simplicity of the countryside and the beauty of nature that surrounds it. At its core, this collection is all about helping you live out your own fairytale. And, while it is a small touch, we think this adorable Mushroom Ring is a good place to start.

Who Is the Mushroom Ring For?
The plated sterling silver Mushroom Ring is an amazing addition to any cottage core aesthetic. It pairs well with enchantingly flowy dresses, romantic ruffles, and flirty florals. The yellow gold shade complements silver, gold, and rose gold alike. It is a dainty little thing, so you can wear it alone or stack it with some of your favorite rings for a special look.

This whimsical ring is not only versatile in how it looks, but it is versatile in what it means. The mushroom as a symbol can mean something different to everyone. For one, it is an ode to Celtic fairytales.

For another, it is an homage to their favorite spore to wear as you fill your field guide with mycelium and fruiting bodies. For someone else, it is simply a beautiful ring that reminds them of the great outdoors and grassy areas where they can frolic.

Give this fanciful witches’ ring as a gift or treat yourself to one – the options are endless.

How Do I Know What Ring Size I Am?
It is important to find out your ring size before you place your order, so you know the ring will fit you just right. If you can get to a jewelry store in person, you can have someone measure your ring size for you. But, luckily, it is magically simple to measure your ring size from the comfort of your own home.

Many online jewelry retailers sell ring sizers that make it easy for you to figure out your correct size. If you don’t want to buy anything at all, here are a few easy solutions.

How To Measure Your Ring Size at Home
Look for a printable ring sizer strip online. These printable options are essentially measuring tapes with the sizes all printed out, corresponding to their dimensions.

Print out one of these sizers and wrap it around your finger. Find the notch where the two sides meet and you have your size. Of course, this may not be 100% accurate — some things may print larger or smaller than they should
If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you can use a simple piece of twine to find your ring size at home. First, grab a piece of string or plain paper and wrap it around the base of your finger. Mark the point where the ends of the string or paper meet with a marker. Take out a ruler and measure the string or paper, from the end to the marker.

Make sure you’re measuring in millimeters and measuring the finger you are planning to wear the ring on. Then check out our ring size chart and find the size that best corresponds with your measurement. Voila — now you have your ring size!

How a Ring Should Fit
Your ring should be tight enough so that it doesn’t slip off of your finger, but loose enough that you can easily take it on and off. If your ring is frequently getting stuck at your knuckles, it’s too tight. If it slips and slides when you move, it’s too loose.

It’s also important to keep in mind bodily changes. In the summer, your fingers will likely expand due to the heat. During winter your fingers will most likely contract and get smaller due to the cold weather. The perfect ring will still fit you well during all of these different circumstances and climates.

I Love You So Mush-room
We can’t help but be mushy when we’re talking about this sweet-as-can-be mushroom jewelry.
Use this ring to channel your inner hippie fairy, dancing around a circle of shrooms, sitting on toadstools, and feeling the magic. While we can’t give you a wand, we hope this delicate, sparkling elf ring brings the whimsy and supernatural powers of fairytales to your own story.