Love Struck

    Heart Jewelry: The Love Struck Collection

    Cupid’s arrow strikes. It is almost as if it came from out of nowhere, but all of a sudden, you feel changed. You’re infatuated by their beauty. Besotted by their form, their laugh, their aura. Even just the thought of them is enough to set your pulse racing. There is no feeling like this — so beautiful and so passionate. This is love. 

    Love is worth celebrating. Pure, true love is rare. In all of its forms, love is worth celebrating. So, that’s exactly what we did. Our Love Struck Collection is an intimate, well-curated collection of pieces inspired by that intense, “I can’t stop thinking about you” kind of love. 

    Every piece in the collection features a heart motif in some way, shape, or form. Hearts are the most common symbol of love, after all. Whether it is a heart-shaped piece standing on its own or a heart-shaped stone decorating something a bit simpler, this collection is a whimsical way to show that you’re a lover, not a fighter. 

    Beyond the heart-shaped designs, every piece in this collection features a romantic color scheme of stunning pastels. We love the flirty, feminine touch these pieces bring. Looking to charm a new lover? Or, looking to honor a new love interest in your life? This lovely, ethereal collection has it all.

    Ready To Love the Collection?

    Our jewelry is inspired by the world’s everyday magic. From fairytales to ancient love stories, we see magic in everything around us, and we hope you do too. 

    The Love Struck Collection features rings, a necklace, and earrings that help you channel your inner lover. All of our pieces are named after Erica, the old Norse term for “eternal ruler.” This name is not just pretty: it is a nod to the power we all yield. No matter who you love, you are the ruler of your own heart. 

    Erica Hoops 

    These are not your traditional hoop earrings. The Erica Hoops are shaped like an open heart and encrusted with plenty of stones for a fantastical look. Golden flowers, pink cubic zirconia hearts, and a slew of unique shapes, colors, and sizes make for a one-of-a-kind piece that will always keep you glimmering. 

    Erica Love Struck Ring 

    Getting struck by love can sound scary until this beautiful part of life happens to you. The Erica Love Struck Ring embodies the moment Cupid’s arrow strikes. The yellow gold plated sterling silver chain holds a stunning heart-shaped, pink stone in the middle, offset by piercingly stunning flowers. We can almost smell a fresh bouquet. 

    Erica Pendant 

    Keep those special memories close to your heart with the Erica Pendant. The 16-inch chain is the perfect length to show off this lovely heart-shaped design. This gold-tone heart pendant necklace even comes with a 2-inch extender if you’d like it to hang a little lower. 

    The yellow gold, heart-shaped pendant is embellished with stones in a variety of different shapes. Their pink, blue, and white shades are simple, elegant, and quite fun. We cannot get enough of this playful piece. 

    Erica Sweetheart Ring 

    Say “I Love You” to your sweetheart with this simple and charming ring. It is dainty enough for stacking with other bands. Though the Erica Sweetheart Ring may be small, it makes itself known with its radiant sparkle. How could you turn away from that? 

    How To Style the Love Struck Collection

    Yellow gold and pretty pastels go well with everything, so you’re in luck. Pair these pieces with a simple outfit when you want to add a touch of whimsy to your everyday attire. Or, you can embrace the romance with a look that includes a lot of pink and a lot of hearts. 

    Wear these pieces on their own, or stack them with your favorite charm bracelets, stud earrings, heart necklaces, or drop earrings in your current collection. Any yellow gold jewelry would be a great match for this radiant jewelry set, but don’t be afraid to add some rose gold for a playful two-tone touch. 

    Should I Gift the Love Struck Collection?

    We love making people feel magical. Whether you’re smitten with a new flame, rekindling an old one, or simply in love with who you’ve become, a piece from the Love Struck Collection is an amazing way to proclaim that love from the rooftops. 

    The best things take time. We craft, pack, and ship your pieces ourselves because we want everything to arrive to you just perfectly. If you want to gift this piece to someone for a birthday or special occasion, we suggest ordering one to two weeks in advance. We promise these pieces will be worth the wait. 

    There’s Always More To Love

    Call us hopeless romantics, but we cannot get enough of this lovely collection. For all of us who already wear our hearts on our sleeves, why not wear our heart pendants around our neck? Or our heart ring on our fingers? Or our heart earrings on our ears? 

    We hope the sweetness of this collection brings some joy to your day every time you adorn yourself with one of these whimsical heart bracelets, heart charms, and more best sellers to fall for. Your love story is just beginning — why not commemorate it with one of these stunning baubles. Or, a few of these stunning baubles? You deserve to sparkle.